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From One Folder To An Extended Family

From a single file folder, to a finance and contracts office with 9 staff, I have had the pleasure to accompany EPOS’ evolution throughout the past 30 years. Including both very successful periods and some challenging times, EPOS’ long-standing success and growth has been remarkable for a company of its size! A qualified and competent leadership team has accounted for this and I’ve truly enjoyed seeing the development of staff along the way.


Growth, Development and Family

By Regina Schuette-Winkler, EPOS Administrative Assistant

While working with EPOS over the past 20 years, I have greatly enjoyed the very international outlook and opportunity to work and exchange with people from all over the world. Initially, I was recruited by Annette Groner in 1995, right after the birth of my son. I started working in the office from 18.00 – 22.00 a few evenings per week, job sharing at the time with Heidi Kallenbach.


Liberia: EPOS committed for the reduction of maternal mortality after Ebola

Since January 2015 EPOS is supporting the Ministry of Health in Liberia managing a 1.6M project of the EU to support the implementation of the national health plan and the roadmap for the reduction of maternal mortality. Despite huge administrative and technical challenges, and in the context of a severely damaged health system, EPOS remains committed to its mandate. We have deployed a team of two international long term experts supported by five national staff and frequent backstopping from HQ. So far the project has contributed to the new assessment of the nation health sector, participating in the development of the now validated Post Ebola National Investment Plan.


1985 - 2015: Celebrating 30 Years of Teamwork

By Inke Fabian de Barreto, EPOS Managing Director

Initially rooted in a collaborative venture among German development professionals and medical faculty of a leading higher education institution, EPOS has grown over the past 30 years to become a leading health management firm working globally to improve the quality and accessibility of health services and systems.


The early years of EPOS management - leading to 30 years of success!

By Hans Otto, Dipl.-Ing 

EPOS was founded in 1985 as a limited liability company between GOPA and the medical faculty of the private German university Witten-Herdecke. EPOS enabled the specialized know-how of the university’s medical faculty and its 8 affiliated hospitals (holistic treatment) to be applied beyond Germany within the context of German and European development cooperation.


The start-up years: Compact offices, quick decisions and a spirit of optimism

By Monika Bruns-Hoffmann

EPOS' 30th Anniversary - is it reallythat long ago? I still remember times when Dorothee Eckertz, Regina Schütte-Winkler, myself and our boss, Dr. Gaertner were the first permanent full-time employees! On the first floor of the GOPA building Doro and I shared an office and next door in the hall Regina sat near to the office of Dr. Gaertner.

It was an exciting time. There was a spirit of optimism. Compact offices and quick decisions. We were a start-up, even though this kind of the term was not that common in these times. The atmosphere was guided by the vision to become a leading consultant in the health sector.


My EPOS 'family' - connected by support, cohesion and mutual acceptance

By Günter Merck

I joined EPOS around 2000, as a replacement for a consultant who together with Luc Janssens was supposed to create business plans for hospitals in Indonesia. Luc and I made further missions to China and I gradually became a regular “Springer” (part time worker for urgent cases) at EPOS.

My companion during the first years was Mr. Heidt, a former head of department at KfW, who joined EPOS as consultant after his retirement. With his help and support I managed to overcome difficulties in the NTT province in Indonesia. His advice was great help and moral support.


For nearly half of EPOS' existence, I was part of the team

By Irmela Riedlberger

In early 1995 I moved from the former DED to EPOS and from Berlin to Bad Homburg. I was expecting a challenge, something exciting and also new to me. As constant workload is not guaranteed I have to start as a part time employee the managing director said. Great, I said to myself: A new task and still the possibility to finally tackle my long-cherished project of my PhD thesis.

Dominican Republic

A favourite EPOS memory: Mission accomplished while sailing the high seas

By Jürgen Janovsky

Once upon a time, goods were transported on a rusty barge across the seas. Operations were rudimentary. It took years before large merchant ships could be sent on tour. Leaving the harbor was constantly delayed as captains suddenly signed on elsewhere and someone new had to be found. Severe storms continually threatened the ships ongoing journey. Voyages were very turbulent, but in the end, somehow goods always made it to their final destination.


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