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How it all began - the importance of trust and professionalism

By Dr. Georg Nachtigal, MSc

When I look back at the beginning of my collaboration with EPOS, the term trust comes to mind: including human trust on one hand –confidence in successfully working as a team – and a basic trust in the sound commercial grounding of work undertaken on the other hand.


Sarajevo Healthy Days 2011

The goal of the project (Strengthening Public Health Institutes) was to strengthen the capacity of the public health functions at all levels in BiH with special focus on public health as an integrated part of planning and decision making process and fulfilment of international obligations as well as to contribute to reform of the public health system through support to implementation of existing health promotion programmes and improvement of national preparedness to public health needs and the systems for health monitoring and disease surveillance.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Uzbekistan KfW TB Lab 2007

In procurement, the Consultant has supported MoH and the local procurement agency Uzmedexport in:

Elaboration of a detailed time schedule and a cost and financing plan for procuring Tb-drugs, laboratory equipment, furniture, consumables and reagents for the NRL and cultural laboratories.


ADB Health Sector Development Project

Eight experts assisted the Government in preparing a Health Sector Development Project and presented proposals to support appropriate reforms of the health sector. The objectives were to identify health sector needs and health system reforms appropriate for the new socio-economic context; determine how the donor agency could support development in the sector; prepare a project for possible funding by the donor; assess policies and show policy and strategy strengths and weaknesses; develop options to improve the policy framework; and analyse financing and service delivery in detail.


KfW TB Projekt Uzbekistan

The German Financial Cooperation (KfW) supports a TB control programme, developed in cooperation with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), through the procurement of drugs, laboratory equipment and medical appliances. The project aims at interrupting the TB infection chain and at improving diagnosis and treatment of TB, based on the Directly Observed Treatment Strategy (DOTS strategy). This programme also addressed tuberculosis in vulnerable patient groups like prisoners or people living with HIV/AIDS.


Vouchers for Reproductive Health KfW 2010 - 2013

Under the framework of the Cambodian German Cooperation the Government of Germany had made available a grant of EUR 2.5 million to develop a voucher scheme for reproductive health services in Cambodia over three years. The vouchers covered services for safe motherhood, family planning, and safe abortions in three provinces.


The project is currently in phase II that is implemented between 2013 and 2016.


A favourite ‘working with EPOS’ memory

Here are my memories. Forgive me if they are a bit too personal. But that is me, Anne Christine, who once thought she was ‘EPOS’. It was in July 1994, when I started my new work at GOPA; at the same time, when Robert Gaertner started at EPOS. While Robert’s job was that of EPOS’ managing director, mine at GOPA was an ‘experiment’, as expressed by Michael Müller, my supervisor. The experiment consisted of a hybrid position which had never existed before at GOPA.


Banda Aceh Project

KfW Project - Hospital Rehabilitation and reconstruction Programme - Master Plan Development


Working with EPOS memory…- Uzbekistan

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for assistance to improve woman and child health (WCH) in July 2002. The ADB Woman and Child Health Development Project (WCHDP) has an overall goal to help the Government achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity, reducing infectious diseases, with a focus on the rural poor and vulnerable populations. In order to achieve this, the project has set two overall objectives: (i) to support health sector reform initiatives for primary health care, and (ii) to improve the efficiency of health care delivery system for woman and child health.


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