Growth, Development and Family

By Regina Schuette-Winkler, EPOS Administrative Assistant

While working with EPOS over the past 20 years, I have greatly enjoyed the very international outlook and opportunity to work and exchange with people from all over the world. Initially, I was recruited by Annette Groner in 1995, right after the birth of my son. I started working in the office from 18.00 – 22.00 a few evenings per week, job sharing at the time with Heidi Kallenbach.

As EPOS was in startup mode, there was often a core team - Robert Gaertner, Monika Bruns-Hoffmann, Dorothee Eckertz, and more - working long days with everyone busy moving projects forward. The atmosphere was sometimes stressful, but there was a fantastic spirit with everyone sharing in the company’s success.

My responsibilities with EPOS grew over time, encompassing formatting expert CVs, updating files, writing profiles, and I eventually switched to working mornings once my son and daughter were in school. Over the years my responsibilities have expanded in line with company initiatives and now include expert recruitment and outreach.

I really love my work at EPOS, and the great fit it has been in allowing me to keep my family as a top priority. Adaptable working times, exchange of ideas, development of skills, interesting projects, mutual respect among current and former colleagues, all have been and continue to be key elements of working with EPOS!

Regina Schuette-Winkler