The start-up years: Compact offices, quick decisions and a spirit of optimism

By Monika Bruns-Hoffmann

EPOS' 30th Anniversary - is it reallythat long ago? I still remember times when Dorothee Eckertz, Regina Schütte-Winkler, myself and our boss, Dr. Gaertner were the first permanent full-time employees! On the first floor of the GOPA building Doro and I shared an office and next door in the hall Regina sat near to the office of Dr. Gaertner.

It was an exciting time. There was a spirit of optimism. Compact offices and quick decisions. We were a start-up, even though this kind of the term was not that common in these times. The atmosphere was guided by the vision to become a leading consultant in the health sector.

We worked hard, long and with pleasure - and occasionally we improvised! It was also the birth of the legendary EPOS filing system. It was developed by Dr. Gaertner who pursued this approach meticulous.

The success of our work was unavoidable and EPOS grew fast in terms of employees. The EPOS family became bigger and bigger and this led to the 2 ½ rooms not being sufficient anymore. We steadily increased and in the end we occupied the entire annex ground floor of the GOPA building. And just as our staff increased, the number of projects around the globe grew.

For me, it's marvelous to see that the vision  was realised and EPOS is now a well-established company. I wish EPOS all the best and success!

Monika Bruns-Hoffmann