Macedonia: EU-funded Strengthening and Standardisation of the Blood Safety System project succeeded in establishing internationally accepted blood transfusion quality standards.

The National Institute for Transfusion Medicine (NITM) is the major institution in Macedonia responsible for transfusion service and comprises of 3 regional centres and 18 hospital units. The existing variations in the use of blood and blood products between hospitals impose the need for implementing internationally accepted optimal standards defining quality in terms of appropriate use of blood resources. The reorganisation of the blood transfusion system that has already taken place in a new organisational set up is targeted to enable implementation of EU standards and norms of quality and safety, during the process of collection, testing, processing, storage, and distribution into daily practice.

This project was envisaged to improve the quality of transfusion service and its health professionals with a focus on the improvement of common policies and training of health professionals. Henceforth, this project will serve as a basis for further strengthening and capacity building of the blood transfusion system in Macedonia.