Green Hospitals: Best Practice Concept Manual

A Green Hospitals Concept Manual, highlighting best practice guidelines for management of hospital and health facility infrastructure, has been produced by EPOS within the parameters of the ‘Greening Hospitals Integrated Infrastructure Competence Project 2013-2015’ in Tajikistan, co-funded by EPOS, ETLog and GIZ.

The manual serves as a general tool advising hospital and health facility managers on key issues for improving infrastructure, enabling more energy efficient and sustainable operations. The manual includes links to further information and specific technical guidance.

Created in 5 sections, the manual can be viewed through online links below:

'Green Hospitals' Concept Manual for Improving Infrastructure

Section 1: Best Practice – Basic Planning Principles 

Section 2: Best Practice – Building and Building Services Maintenance  

Section 3: Best Practice – Water Supply and Wastewater for Health Facilities  

Section 4: Best Practice – Healthcare Waste Services  

Section 5: Best Practice – Environmental Cleaning Services  

EPOS Supports Green Hospital Design

EPOS advocates the concept of ‘green’ hospital design wherever possible in the projects it implements.These considerations are far reaching and may touch on multiple aspects of a hospital construction or refurbishment project, such as, initially at the planning stages, in determining site location, re-use of existing structures, efficient building footprint and standardization of room sizes to allow flexibility of use.

Throughout the various stages of a construction or refurbishment project, we recognize and promote the need for integrating environmentally sustainable and responsible approaches, in the form of application of renewable energy technologies (solar and wind power) to provide electricity, pump water and maintain cold chains, and application of energy efficient technologies for lighting as well as air cooling or heating, use of natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and other technologies.

A further aspect of promoting green hospitals is to offer advice and guidance on ensuring that existing hospital and health facility infrastructure operates in a more efficient and sustainable way. This is particularly effective where budgets are limited and major investments cannot be made. EPOS can provide technical expertise to support Ministries, Public Health Authorities and hospitals make the most of their existing  infrastructure with only small investments.

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