1990 - 1994 EPOS wins long-term projects in Pakistan and Indonesia for Hospital design, construction and management as well as the development of a national health maintenance system

Implementation of a Control System for Medical Equipment and Consumables in Hospitals (01/1992-08/1995)

The project objective was to provide conceptual advice and implementation support in the fields of: electrical safety; safety of use of selected technical equipment; information, registration and documentation services; administrative structures; organisational development; training of administrative staff and improving the control system for active medical devices in cooperation with a local partner.


Planning and Supervision of Construction and Equipment Installation of Children's Hospital Quetta (02/1991-12/2000)

The general objective was to improve the living conditions of the population of Balochistan Province through health care facilities with a higher quality of service, accessibility and efficiency. The project objective was to improve provincial health care services for children through a hospital which by design, equipment, manpower, administrative and educational capacities could function as a high quality secondary facility accessible to all social groups.