Hygiene Management and ‘Green Hospitals’ Technical Assistance

EPOS commits itself to offering full circle hospital technical assistance, acknowledging the increased importance being accorded to factors such as the role of optimised hygiene in health care facilities, as well as the environmental footprint of health care infrastructures, in the form of ‘green’ hospitals.

Hygiene Management

At EPOS a holistic approach is taken to Hygiene, encompassing careful planning at the stage of design of health care infrastructures (e.g. rounded corners to facilitate easy cleaning, adequate ventilation to combat air-borne transmission, placement and equipping of scrub-units), and adequate consideration of patient, visitor and health care personnel flows to minimize opportunities for infection.

In addition, planning for and training in hygiene management best practice is provided, with development of standard operating procedures for infection control procedures such as hand-washing, and for infectious and non-infectious health care waste disposal.

‘Green’ Hospitals

EPOS advocates the concept of ‘green’ hospital design wherever possible in the hospital construction or refurbishment projects it implements in determining site location, re-use of existing structures, efficient building footprint and standardization of room sizes to allow flexibility of use.

EPOS recognizes and promotes the need for integrating environmentally sustainable and responsible approaches, in the form of application of renewable energy technologies (solar and wind power) to provide electricity, pump water and maintain cold chains, and application of energy efficient technologies for lighting as well as air cooling or heating, use of natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and other technologies.