EPOS Management Team – Continuity and Change

EPOS Health Management announced that Ms Inke Fabian de Barreto will take over the position of EPOS Managing Director from Dr. Robert Gaertner effective March 1, 2014.

Ms Fabian de Barreto brings a critical set of skills to the management of EPOS that will guide further growth and success. She is a proven international health development professional with a vast range of experience in leading projects, teams and managing donor relations. Following studies in political science and a post-graduate degree at the German Development Institute, Ms Fabian de Barreto joined EPOS in 2001. Over the following twelve years, she held strategic leadership positions within EPOS, led technical units and worked as consultant and project manager while assisting in key corporate management initiatives. In February 2013, she switched responsibilities to the GOPA Group as Business Development Manager where she has successfully promoted GOPA Group processes and projects.

A pioneer in health care consulting and visionary leader, Robert Gaertner has converted EPOS into one of the leading German consulting company in international health. He will go on to chair a newly introduced EPOS Advisory Board which will advise the company on business-related issues and he will also continue to head the GOPA Group Directors Forum (GGDF).

Dr. Gaertner as well has founded the “Palliativteam Hochtaunus”, a holistic palliative care support team for a district of 230,000 inhabitants that delivers in-home care for terminally ill patients and their relatives. Being a shareholder of 50%, he will dedicate more time to the palliative care team in the future, consisting of four palliative care physicians and four palliative care nurses offering 24-hour, 365 days-a-year ambulatory outreach palliative care services throughout the Hochtaunus District.

“The entire EPOS team recognizes Dr. Gaertner for his excellent work and outstanding achievements, having built up EPOS from the start and having successfully led the company over 20 years,” commented Ms Fabian de Barreto. “I am excited and honoured to carry on from Dr. Gaertner as Managing Director, and I look forward to providing leadership and strategic development among colleagues, experts, and partners, towards donors and other stakeholders to further EPOS’ expertise in the provision of healthcare technical advisory services.”

Dr. Gaertner supported the selection of Ms Fabian de Barreto, highlighting her breadth of experience and commitment to both the health sector and EPOS. “Ms Fabian de Barreto is the ideal candidate to dynamically transition EPOS forward, applying her solid public health experience and leadership skills to further strengthen and develop technical services and teams that respond to current international health aid initiatives and policies.”

Furthermore, EPOS Health Management announces that Ms Susanne Wessel-Ellermann, Senior Project Manager and Head of Health Facilities and Services, has been promoted to Deputy Managing Director effective December 1, 2013. Since joining EPOS in November 2008, Ms Wessel-Ellermann has successfully managed the Health Facilities and Services’ portfolio in a changing health market. Leading a team of 12 staff members, she has been instrumental in key growth strategies while ensuring quality delivery of EPOS’ health sector technical assistance services and competencies. Prior to joining EPOS, Susanne served as Southeast European Regional Manager with Kittelberger Consult and as Project Co-ordinator at RODECO.

“I am very pleased that I can count on such an experienced key team at EPOS to support me in strategic leadership,” commented future Managing Director Ms Fabian de Barreto. “Together with our excellent and committed staff in the different technical areas of competence, finance and administration, we will further strengthen trust of EPOS’ quality towards our clients and partners and continue on a successful path forward.”

The process of recruitment for a successor of Ms Fabian de Barreto’s current GOPA Group Business Development Manager position will start shortly.

(Photo: from left, Dr. Robert Gaertner; Ms Inke Fabian de Barreto; Ms Susanne Wessel-Ellermann)