Algeria: EU HMIS Project Closure

A project closure conference for the European Union funded ‘Health Sector Support Program’ took place in Algiers on November 22nd in the presence of the Algerian Minister of Health and Bernard Segarra, the European Union Delegation official in Algeria. The conference highlighted project activities and achievements of the SIS.DZ with the Minister calling for the country to continue to extend the newly established hospital information system (HIS) to other university hospitals in Algeria.

A Health Information System has become an indispensable tool to facilitate information among all health sector structures, decision makers and managers at each level for analysis and processing. In the framework of the Health Sector Support Program, an electronic medical record for patients was established, with the first installation taking place at the Oran Hospital.

The final conference on the modernization of human resources management took place on November 25th in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health.

During his address at the conference, Bernard Segarra said that eleven activities concerning human resources and training were included in the EU project and were carried out during the implementation period with one overriding goal: to support Ministry efforts to strengthen the national health system.

Today more than 110,000 sector employees are already integrated in the "Human Resources Information System" deployed nationwide. The establishment of such an information system is in fact integral to all modern and efficient human resource system to facilitate the administration and personnel management while enabling planning, development and enhancement of human resources. To support the deployment of the system, more than 1,300 users from 48 provinces of the country have received training and 260 trainers were selected for training the remaining establishments.