1985 - 2015: Celebrating 30 Years of Teamwork

Initially rooted in collaborative venture among German development professionals and medical faculty of a leading higher education institution, EPOS has grown over the past 30 years to become a leading health management firm working globally to improve the quality and accessibility of health services and systems.

The driving force of our success has been the hundreds of dedicated individuals - healthcare professionals, development partners, donor organisations, government officials, public servants and all our international and local team members - that have formed EPOS’ global community. Side-by-side, we have implemented more than 400 health projects in nearly 75 countries over the last 30 years.

We mark our 30th anniversary by sending a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the committed individuals within our EPOS global community. From the early days in 1985 until now, their stories make up EPOS’ history and can be viewed on our EPOS30 microsite. I encourage everyone to add to EPOS’ history by sharing their own personal EPOS story.

Innovation and collaboration, cornerstones of EPOS’ beginnings, continue to drive future growth and development. Within our core technical services areas - Health Policy and Financing, Integrated Primary Health Care and Health Facilities and Services - we are continually developing healthcare expertise in critical issues such as ‘Green Hospitals’, Health and Nutrition, Universal Health Coverage, Health Governance, Health System Strengthening, Capacity Building in Health, Mother and Child Health and Support to Fragile States.

Our proven financial management services support global project teams throughout the entire project lifecycle while an expanding focus on business operations and outreach means we have access to the best healthcare expertise on international and local levels.

Looking forward, continued technical excellence and leveraging even greater collaboration within EPOS’ global community will be key to EPOS’ future success. I am excited by the opportunities ahead of us, knowing the competent, dynamic and committed community that was and is at the core of EPOS Health Management.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed and are contributing daily to our success!

Thank you for the continued trust in the quality of our work by our partners in the countries we work and by financing institutions.

Happy 30th to the entire global EPOS community!

Inke Fabian de Barreto

Managing Director

EPOS Health Management